Manifest permanent positive transformation
by accessing your inner wisdom,
communicating with your subconscious mind,
and creatively setting in motion
your deepest growth and healing.

Hypnotherapy provides a clear path to access your subconscious mind, the seat of your inner wisdom and your creative mind; as you deepen your awareness, and broaden your psychological resources, the pathways to healing become apparent, the vital energy that propels you forward is released, and a bountiful flow of creativity allows you to accomplish your dreams, and live a fulfilling life.

Meet your true potential, let go of outdated patterns and beliefs!
As we contact the beauty and power of our psychic dimension and its tremendous potential, and as our wounds heal, our real pristine being marvels us with brightness. From every session we bring back clarity, love, inspiration, and valuable resources to transform our lives.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

I invite you to take the journey of looking in
and illumine your life with Hypnotherapy!

The gifts that hypnotherapy has to offer are innumerable and can touch all areas of our lives, depending on what we want to focus on. Every session is an adventure into uncharted territory, and on every occasion a jewel so rich is revealed, we could have never imagined it at the beginning of the session.

Common issues you can address and transform with Hypnotherapy:
Creativity • Spirituality
• Personal Journey and Transformation
• Accelerated Learning • Accelerated Healing • Pain Management
• Relationship Issues • Prosperity
• Anxiety • Stress • Anger • Jealousy
• Insomnia • Guilt • Fears • Phobias
• Post Trauma Stress • Self Esteem
• Lack of Motivation • Frustration
• Addictions • Weight Management
and much more...

Inner Transformation

Be a light unto Yourself !

It is said that the last words of the Buddha were: Be a light unto Yourself.
As hypnotherapy awakens your inner sensitivity and expands the awareness of your subconscious realities, your inner guidance surfaces with uncommon clarity. With the help of hypnotherapy, you can access the full potency of your consciousness. As you shed the light on your awareness on the issues that have remained unsolved or unattended, and on any resistance you may have to facing what is, the quality of your perception shifts, a gentle acceptance ensues, opening the doors to inner freedom and strengthening your connection to the source of your Being

Hypnotherapy is instrumental in breaking through habitual thinking by allowing us to take a much broader perspective and see through our rigid believes. From a fresh detached viewpoint we can easily dis-identify from repetitive thought or behavioral patterns, and as these fixations loosen we can contact expanded levels of inner creativity and focus. The exploration facilitated through hypnotherapy will boost and accelerate your spiritual journey. You will be able to access a nuanced understanding of your immediate reality, and envision the realization of you deepest potential.  It’s not your circumstances that determine the outcomes in your life, it is your state of consciousness!

Disclaimer: Hypnotherapy is intended for self-improvement and educational purposes only.  It is not to be considered a substitute for, or the practice of, medical or psychological care. Persons with an ailment, illness, mental or physical complaint or difficulty are to see their licensed medical professional for assessment, diagnosis, and initial treatment prior to making use of hypnotherapy for medical support purposes with medical consent.